Writing Nature Memoir

A small blue and pink Holly blue butterfly resting on newly formed ivy berries.

Two five week courses at The Gateway Arts and Education Centre, exploring the nature memoir genre through a range of texts and writing activities. Designed for anybody who would like to keep a written record of their encounters with nature.

March - May 2024

Creative Writing in Nature

Two five week courses blending botanical knowledge with writer’s methods to develop skills in crafting, feedback and reflection. Based in the grounds of Walford Campus, Baschurch.

January - March 2024

Urban Nature at The Library

Seven two-hour workshops in The Darwin Room at Shrewsbury Library. Blending botanical knowledge with writer’s methods to explore seeds, bulbs, roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

February - March 2024

Perspectives of Nature - nine musical interpretations

Contributor to 'Journey: Nine Musical Interpretations of Nature Writers' 10 Minute Perspectives’, created by composer Ewan East, artwork by artist Alice Baxter, writing by Naturewrights.

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Performed as part of the 'Perspectives of Nature' conference at York St John Creative Centre, York St John University.

Friday 1st December 2023


Urban Nature at The Hive

White Ox-eye daisies and browning grasses in the foreground, long green leaves of Montbretia and Crocosmia in the background.

Fourteen workshops at The Hive, Shrewsbury. Blending botanical knowledge with writer’s methods to explore fruits, seeds, bulbs, roots, stems, leaves and flowers.

March - December 2023

Perspectives of Nature Conference

A short talk on current trends in nature memoir and how changes in the genre’s content and style make it more appealing to a wider audience.

Friday 1st December 2023

How Nature Memoir is Changing and Why This Matters

Hmm Squad – Science and Philosophy Discussion Group

Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Nature Memory Poetry in Care Homes

Nine one-hour workshops exploring seasonal plants, their common regional names, traditional uses and folklore. Poetry, reminiscence and sharing stories.

June - October 2023

Natural Entrepreneurs

EU Erasmus+ project promoting biomimicry as means of finding solutions to sustainability issues facing the world today. The platform encourages students from across Europe to work collaboratively to design solutions which could be turned into business plans.

Learning platform:

Change the Story

EU Erasmus+ project using digital story to explore the impact of the climate crisis. Designed to be incorporated into the national curriculum, the project encouraged pupils to create short films that presented their findings, concerns and suggestions for a better future.

Celebration site:


‘Aldershot and All About It’

Street theatre exploring the impact of urbanisation on a small rural community in the 19th Century. Based on the work of Marianne Young, ‘Aldershot and All About It, with Gossip, Literary, Military, and Pictorial’ (1857). Working with Rushmoor Borough Council and Torchlight Heritage: