Nature Writing Workshops

  • Develop skills in writing, crafting, feedback and reflection
  • Use botanical knowledge and observe seasonal change
  • Keep a personal record through words and pictures

Writing Nature Memoir

A four-week online course with the Field Studies Council. Meet fellow nature writers through this step-by-step guide to writing nature memoir.

Tuesday 17th September - Tuesday 29th October 2024

'Brings a fresh approach to writing in both the design and the delivery of the course.'

'Demystifies the process of writing and makes it accessible to a wider audience.'

A layer of frost on a large tree stump, moss and severed ivy stems in the foreground, blurred woods in the background.

Seasonal Dissonance

Cold at 6:00 a.m. Thin sun cuts across a high blue sky reminiscent of a September morning and all the familiar feelings of going back to school.

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