Nature Writing Workshops

  • Develop skills in writing, crafting, feedback and reflection
  • Use botanical knowledge and observe seasonal change
  • Keep a personal record through words and pictures

Writing Nature Memoir

A four-week online course with the Field Studies Council. Meet fellow nature writers through this step-by-step guide to writing nature memoir. Explore the nature memoir genre and develop skills in crafting, editing, feedback and reflection.

‘Brings a fresh approach to writing in both the design and the delivery of the course’

‘Demystifies the process of writing and makes it accessible to a wider audience’

a thin layer of ice in the garden

Perspectives of Nature

A short talk on what new trends in nature memoir tell us about current social concerns, how changes in the genreā€™s content and style make it more appealing to a wider audience, and why this should encourage many new nature writers. Part of the ‘Perspectives of Nature’ conference at York St John Creative Centre, York St John University.


Verdigris Agaric

Searching for Cyclamen in the leaf-litter, I catch sight of a chip of plastic ...

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